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Autumn mood

With getting older, you are realizing the real things which are important and which are not.  Your family is adamant castle and only your family can support you and give you all you need.

Why have i  started my post about family? Because only your family will be always with you, despite your victories and defeats.

So, let’s start 🙂 We have just moved to the new office, and now i have more time to improve my IT skills and prepare to the IELTS exam, again. I had a terrible experience with IELTS exam last month.  I have got only 6 points of 9.  The passing score for me is 6.5, so that’s why it’s sucks:)

My main goals for this year are to pass an IELTS exam and to lose weight to 75 kg 🙂 Nothing is done yet :-D.  For me to lose weight is more difficult than pass IELTS exam 🙂  Hope i will finish all my goals successfully on time.

Btw, we are planning to go abroad this winter, but we should choose what country we want to visit. This will be our first travel with family so we are open to your advises. Go ahead 🙂

feng shui your office like a boss

Recently, we have moved to new office on Bokonbaeva str. next to Business Center “Russia”.  Now i’m fully packed as “Office Clerk”.

It’s very important to spend most of your lifetime in comfortable place. So,  meet my new office 🙂

Two days trip to two different cities

Last week I’ve been to Naryn and Issyk-Kul, it was awesome trip.  We drunk “Kymyz”,  ate lamb meet, observe an adorable views.

After my work trip to Naryn, we went to Issyk-Kul with my family to my brother’s wedding party in Bokonbaevo.

Unfortunately, we didn’t swim a lot in Issyk-Kul because we had no time. But we did once. The lake is still cold, but i think it’s going to be warmer in next 10-15 days. So if you want to come it’s an appropriate time to do that 🙂

Preparing to bicycle touring around Issyk Kul

Well, my team is ready it’s my brother,  my friend and me.  Our Bikes are also ready, all needed staff  is packed.

So we are just waiting for my vacation and our journey will begin.  I am thinking about buying DJI Mavic Air

and GoPro Hero 6 to make my video more fascinating and interesting.  But it’s not cheap, the total price is 1500$.

I don’t know yet. Should i buy it or not.  I hope i will decide what to do with it before  we start our touring.



Zara’s first birthday party

My little princess had her first birthday in her life.  We invited only the most closest relatives to the party. Because “TushoToi” is going to be held on August where we will invite all our acquintances, relatives and friends.

My princess, i wish you being happy and all your dreams come true in your great life.

p.s. I’ve attached most interesting photos from the event.

My Ramadan Experience.

This is a second time of my Ramadan experience and i’m quite happy that i do a right things. Moreover,  a lot of my acquaintances also celebrating , fasting , and doing all sorts of other activities that are unique to the holy month.  There are a lot of things that you can’t handle such as: health, luckiness or happiness of your relatives or people you are close to. Every time when I fast i ask Allah to give a health and wealth to my family, my friends, my acquaintances and everyone in our World.  In my opinion we should always be kind to each other, respect others views, thoughts, and do not forget to help a needy. That’s the main idea of Islam.

Victory Day (V-Day) 2018

Today we celebrated the Victory Day.  It’s very important day for all countries of Soviet Union, because on that day we had won the World War 2.  Every  year we’ve been celebrating that day since that  Victory Day and a few years ago a certain Journalist offered to start an “immortal regiment”, it’s when people take their relatives photos who has took part in WWII and walk by the column through the whole city.  It’s really fascinating moment when you are becoming a part of that column and a part that great day – Victory Day.

Here we go!

Hey everyone, if you are reading this, it means that you know me well already.
If you are here at your first time then i should introduce myself. My name is Kanat Akylson.  I’m going to write here some notes about my family and my work. Hope you will enjoy it and I’d be really appreciated for your comments here.