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Cycling Issyk Kul 2018 (Balykchy, Kadji Sai, Barskoon waterfall)

We did it. We have driven for ~300km in 3 days. Our route was Balykchy -> Kadji Sai -> Barskoon and back.  I didn’t know that our way will be so difficult for us. But we did it and i’m really proud of myself.  When you drive by car you don’t notice all the beauty on your way. But when you are on your bike, you can stop anywhere and take a deep breath of fresh air or wash you face in pure river, moreover all rivers are suitable for drinking, because they are mountain rivers.

We made the video report of our trip, so i hope you will enjoy it. As always i will appreciate if you leave some comments there:)

Thank you 🙂

My new Giant Vehicle

Hey everyone,  i have not written here for a long time because it’s difficult to find spare time to sit and put all thoughts in order.  But here i’am and i’m going to tell you the great news – i have bought a new bicycle – Giant ATX 850 – 2018.

I had been looking for appropriate bicycle for me for month and here it is, i found it.  I definitely happy with my purchase.

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Zara’s first birthday party

My little princess had her first birthday in her life.  We invited only the most closest relatives to the party. Because “TushoToi” is going to be held on August where we will invite all our acquintances, relatives and friends.

My princess, i wish you being happy and all your dreams come true in your great life.

p.s. I’ve attached most interesting photos from the event.

When Life Moving Way Too Fast

Weekends has gone so fast. It’s really important to make each day  a memorable. After being 30 years old, the time is going really fast, days becomes routine and monotonous. That’s why everyone should do something new for himself as much as he can, then your life will not be so bored. Learn, Investigate, do something that you don’t know, then your brain will work as it worked as you were a child and days will be long as earlier 🙂

Victory Day (V-Day) 2018

Today we celebrated the Victory Day.  It’s very important day for all countries of Soviet Union, because on that day we had won the World War 2.  Every  year we’ve been celebrating that day since that  Victory Day and a few years ago a certain Journalist offered to start an “immortal regiment”, it’s when people take their relatives photos who has took part in WWII and walk by the column through the whole city.  It’s really fascinating moment when you are becoming a part of that column and a part that great day – Victory Day.


She was standing right in front of me trying to say something important. I couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything back and she dissolved into the dark. I woke up in a cold sweat. I had the same dream twice this week. What would that mean?


“Is everything ready for today?” Ado asked a person responsible for today’s event. ” Today is important day in his life and everything must be exceptionally perfect”. -”You are so picky, come on, let everything be said Mila softly. “He is the only son I have and I want this inauguration be the best one the world seen. Moreover we are not celebrating my son becoming a Lord of the Orion every day. I hope he will be a good leader…”

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