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Autumn mood

With getting older, you are realizing the real things which are important and which are not.  Your family is adamant castle and only your family can support you and give you all you need.

Why have i  started my post about family? Because only your family will be always with you, despite your victories and defeats.

So, let’s start 🙂 We have just moved to the new office, and now i have more time to improve my IT skills and prepare to the IELTS exam, again. I had a terrible experience with IELTS exam last month.  I have got only 6 points of 9.  The passing score for me is 6.5, so that’s why it’s sucks:)

My main goals for this year are to pass an IELTS exam and to lose weight to 75 kg 🙂 Nothing is done yet :-D.  For me to lose weight is more difficult than pass IELTS exam 🙂  Hope i will finish all my goals successfully on time.

Btw, we are planning to go abroad this winter, but we should choose what country we want to visit. This will be our first travel with family so we are open to your advises. Go ahead 🙂

When Life Moving Way Too Fast

Weekends has gone so fast. It’s really important to make each day  a memorable. After being 30 years old, the time is going really fast, days becomes routine and monotonous. That’s why everyone should do something new for himself as much as he can, then your life will not be so bored. Learn, Investigate, do something that you don’t know, then your brain will work as it worked as you were a child and days will be long as earlier 🙂