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She was standing right in front of me trying to say something important. I couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything back and she dissolved into the dark. I woke up in a cold sweat. I had the same dream twice this week. What would that mean?


“Is everything ready for today?” Ado asked a person responsible for today’s event. ” Today is important day in his life and everything must be exceptionally perfect”. -”You are so picky, come on, let everything be said Mila softly. “He is the only son I have and I want this be the best one the world seen. Moreover we are not celebrating my son becoming a Lord of the Orion every day. I hope he will be a good leader…”


“How do you think, how many people in the Orion makes ball of snot like me?” “I don’t know, your Majesty, but if you want i can find it out”- Zigo replied to Migo. “You know, Zigo, I have had strange dreams lately. I see an unfamiliar woman trying to tell me something. But i can not do anything. Probably i should go to my grandmother and ask her about it. Alright, let’s get up and visit Grandma, i hope she is at home. Prepare my spaceship, Zigo!”.

The Planet Zarus, where Grandma lives is in 15 minutes away. Migo and his personal virtual assistant Zigo took the necessary things for the flight and flew out. “Hey Zigo, i’ve just understood that i’ve never made gifts for my grandma, today is my day, she will be proud of me! Zigo, find the nearest direction to productive energy powder. We will make super present for my grandma!”. “The productive energy powder was found in the Mars. It’s 2.4 hours way to that planet. Should i make new directions to the Mars?”. “Assuredly, i hope we’ll come back in 4 hours.” Zeta Spaceship gained an extra speed and has dissolved in space.


Orion’s is the powerful nation in galaxies. When all civilizations were just rising. Orion’s was the only one who was very wise and had all new technologies. That’s why Orion’s Government became the only ruler of all galaxies.


“We’re going to land to the Mars surface in 2 minutes, your Majesty. Be careful, this planet have not explored by us.” — warned Zigo. “Calm down, Mr. Alarmist, everything is going to be ok. I’ll take energy powder and we leave” — said Migo.

Gravity on Mars is more lighter than in other planets and temperature is unpleasant for staying there for a long time. When Migo started to collect the powder to a jar he’ve heard some strange noise behind him. When he turned around he discovered strange machine with 6 wheels and inexplicable eye. He instantly destroyed it with his huge legs. “What a ridiculous machine!” — exclaimed Migo. And proceed to collect the powder. When jar was filled they flew out of Mars to the Zarus planet to Grandma and they didn’t understand what they had done and what will happen now.


Somewhere on the planet Earth…

“Sir, you have to see this!” — excitedly said the NASA Officer. They rapidly went to the space drones observation room. “What’s going on here? What happened?” — shouted the head of NASA. “Yesterday our Curiosity robot was destroyed by undefined object. We managed to record this object. Watch this…” said NASA Officer. Oooohh my goood…

To be continued…

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