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Hey everyone, i have not written here for a long time because it’s difficult to find spare time to sit and put all thoughts in order. But here i’am and i’m going to tell you the great news — i have bought a new bicycle — Giant ATX 850–2018.

I had been looking for appropriate bicycle for me for month and here it is, i found it. I definitely happy with my purchase.

i’ve decided to bike 1000 miles during the summer, and my first biking tour was the 50 km road to my grandfather. It was my first long-distance biking tour, fortunately, i finished it with no problems

My next journey will be long-distance tour from Bishkek to Issyk-Kul (Kadji Sai village). Distance is 300km. I’m planning to start it on July. Hope everything will be ok, my bike and my feet will be light.

In conclusion i would like to share the best motivational video about cycling.

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