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Hey everyone,

As you might noticed i have upgraded my blog. Now it’s fast and user-friendly. I have decided to post more useful posts and tutorials, that might help you.

I haven’t wrote here for a long time. I do not despair , despite to sitting at home while covid 19 is around the world . I try to use productively my spare time : i’m doing workouts; enrolled to School of by Yandex School, by the way this is my new passion. I’m sure that i will do my best to become a Senior Data Scientist soon. This field is really interesting and make some challenges for me. So that’s why i will post here some interesting posts about it, about my way to becoming a great Data Scientist 🙂

I’m sure you do your best too, while you are sitting at home. This is great chance to do things that you didn’t do in regular life. You can read books that you didn’t read while you worked. You can watch movies that you didn’t watched because you hadn’t spare time for it. Eventually you can spend your time with your family, because you don’t have to go to work.

Try to spend every bit of your time wisely

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