Hi, my name is Kanat Akylson (Asankhodzhoev) I am the Information Security Expert at a organization that is leader in development in agriculture, economic growth and resilience. There, I spend my days making sure that our servers are smoothly, our database queries are executing quickly, and our users are receiving the experience that they deserve. I like to say that my team’s mission statement is to advocate for the users, not for the business.

Also, I’m an experienced Data Scientist seeking to leverage my background in economics, and Information Technology to create interesting, innovative, and valuable products.

My skills in :

• Strategic Thinking to identify and implement data driven strategies influencing decision making by analyzing opportunities in large, rich data sets
• Design and implement statistical / predictive models and algorithms utilizing diverse sources of data to predict demand, risk and price elasticity.
• Utilize analytical applications to identify trends and relationships between different pieces of data.
• Experimental design and analysis (A/B testing, switchback testing, synthetic control), demand estimation, cohort and funnel analyses, conjoint analysis, difference in differences, regression discontinuity design, propensity score matching, and other advanced econometrics and techniques. 

I’m based in Bishkek and I love living here. If you’re ever in Bishkek, please drop me a line — I’d love to get together, talk about IT, and take a photo for the blog.

This blog — is my platform for experimentation and community interaction. With each post, I try to delve deeper into the ever-expanding universe of IT Industry. I understand that growing my skills as a Data Scientist not only takes time and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, it also takes the support of others. That’s why my blog tries to be just as much Question as it is Answer. I find that the feedback provided by my readers is just as helpful, if not more so, than the content itself. As such, I do my best to promote high-quality conversations from which everyone in the community can learn.