When Life Moving Way Too Fast

Weekends has gone so fast. It’s really important to make each day  a memorable. After being 30 years old, the time is going really fast, days becomes routine and monotonous. That’s why everyone should do something new for himself as much as he can, then your life will not be so bored. Learn, Investigate, do something that you don’t know, then your brain will work as it worked as you were a child and days will be long as earlier 🙂

My Ramadan Experience.

This is a second time of my Ramadan experience and i’m quite happy that i do a right things. Moreover,  a lot of my acquaintances also celebrating , fasting , and doing all sorts of other activities that are unique to the holy month.  There are a lot of things that you can’t handle such as: health, luckiness or happiness of your relatives or people you are close to. Every time when I fast i ask Allah to give a health and wealth to my family, my friends, my acquaintances and everyone in our World.  In my opinion we should always be kind to each other, respect others views, thoughts, and do not forget to help a needy. That’s the main idea of Islam.

Victory Day (V-Day) 2018

Today we celebrated the Victory Day.  It’s very important day for all countries of Soviet Union, because on that day we had won the World War 2.  Every  year we’ve been celebrating that day since that  Victory Day and a few years ago a certain Journalist offered to start an “immortal regiment”, it’s when people take their relatives photos who has took part in WWII and walk by the column through the whole city.  It’s really fascinating moment when you are becoming a part of that column and a part that great day – Victory Day.

Lost in Space

Hey guys,  today i’m gonna tell you about the  television series “Lost in Space” . I’ve just started to watch this marvelous TS and it has already impressed me.  Сast, sound, work with graphics, everything is done perfectly.   If you dunno know what to see on your weekends, my advice is “Lost in Space”.

“Danger, Will Robinson!” The rest of the Robinson clan should be on the lookout for danger, as well, because they are facing challenging times. It’s 30 years in the future and the family has been chosen to start a new life in a space colony. On the way to what they believe will be a better world, the Robinsons’ ship is abruptly thrown off course and they are thrown into a dangerous alien environment. Now light-years from their original destination, they must forge new alliances and work together to survive. Stranded with the Robinsons are unsettlingly charismatic Dr. Smith and inadvertently charming Don West, two outsiders who are thrown together by circumstance and a mutual knack for deception.


She was standing right in front of me trying to say something important. I couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything back and she dissolved into the dark. I woke up in a cold sweat. I had the same dream twice this week. What would that mean?


“Is everything ready for today?” Ado asked a person responsible for today’s event. ” Today is important day in his life and everything must be exceptionally perfect”. -”You are so picky, come on, let everything be said Mila softly. “He is the only son I have and I want this inauguration be the best one the world seen. Moreover we are not celebrating my son becoming a Lord of the Orion every day. I hope he will be a good leader…”

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Important things in 2016 and 2017

So many things happened to me this year. But most important is that i‘ve become a dad! It’s difficult to explain what i feel now. But i’am sure that is the most wonderful feelings i have ever felt.

Now i’am father of my little princess. Her name is Zara. She was born with weight 3.5kg and height 55cm. No doubts, she will be a model 🙂

Everyday i come home after my work and she welcome me with her special smile. I can’t explain what i feel at this moment, but now i’am surely know what is love is.

Here is my Wedding video trailer. I made this video for 2 hours, so do not criticize me too much. 

Here we go!

Hey everyone, if you are reading this, it means that you know me well already.
If you are here at your first time then i should introduce myself. My name is Kanat Akylson.  I’m going to write here some notes about my family and my work. Hope you will enjoy it and I’d be really appreciated for your comments here.